My First Book Festival



With the Cats and our novels; LtoR- Jane, me, Jeff, Susan  (Sarah taking pic)


I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a teeny bit nervous about attending the book festival with my novel. The fact that I sat in silence on the way to Eastbourne was enough to convince my Hubby; “I know you’re nervous as you’re not talking,” he said. This was true as my stomach was churning and I always have something to say. Talking is a skill of mine so the silence was unusual but I think a blessing to Hubby and his ears. I think the silence made it worse as I kept looking at the clock and worrying I would be late every time we stopped at traffic lights. It was a stressful journey.

But I wasn’t late and  I needn’t have worried about anything. Upon arrival, I met my fellow Cats and immediately felt myself relax as they were extremely friendly. We chatted like old friends and laughed lots especially under the lighting that gave  us a green tinge in photos (until a nice man sorted it).

But best of all, I met new readers for my book. I don’t mind admitting it was a buzz talking about and selling my book if a little nervous signing it in front of them. I loved chatting to them about Katie, writing and what’s next. Their enthusiasm was contagious. I hope when Christmas morning comes, people are thrilled with their gift.

I loved the experience but there’s plenty to improve on for next time.

Good ideas for the next Book Event

  • Business cards
  • Complement slips inside novel
  • Book stands
  • Leaflet/info about publisher. (A fair few asked about Crooked Cat and where to find those all important books)
  • Let people know I’m attending in advance of the actual day (sorry friends for not being so vocal about it but I was really nervous, I mean REALLY nervous)
  • Have a float for that all important change!!!!!
  • Believe in myself and my novel – I really thought no one would be interested hence the keeping it quiet
  • Have a steady hand when signing

Thank you to all those who stopped by and chatted with the Cats and purchased our novels.

If you’ve had experience at a book event, what’s your top tips for a successful event?





For more information on the South East Crooked Cat gang of authors, click on links. x

Jeff Gardiner      Jane Bwye       Sarah Stephenson      Susan Lodge      me, Lizzie Koch  and Marcia Woolf who had her own table at the event.




Love Lizzie x



5 thoughts on “My First Book Festival

  1. What a lovely blog, Lizzie – and it was a privilege meeting you – and the other cats. I really admired the way you chatted to people, and ended up selling a book each to TWO people. They never even thought of buying one and sharing it between them. How did you do it?!
    One idea you forgot to mention: be prepared to push yourself forward. Perhaps next year, you can do a reading in the cosy little room off-stage, where Jeff held you all in thrall on Saturday. I could hear him quite clearly through the curtains.


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