When you’re alone and have no one to share your news . . .


Reading the first word on the letter; ‘Congratulations,’ and immediately ignoring the rest as all the stresses and emotions of the past several weeks exploded into a mass of tears and whoops.  Yep, that was me last Friday as I sat in a quiet park in Croydon to read whether I had passed or failed the ridiculously hard (to me) Maths skills test.

It was a big moment. If you failed the third attempt, that was it for another 24 months!

Anyway, as you know, parks are public places. This one was no exception especially as it was lunchtime. All the office workers were enjoying the high temperatures and glorious sunshine as well as the quiet . . . until I opened my letter. I think I jumped up, squealing. I must have as I wasn’t sitting down anymore.  I know I was crying and laughing and not giving a thought to the many people enjoying the park and peace and quiet.

I did shatter it.

Big time.

Then, from behind me a voice called out, “Good news?”

I turned to see two lads grinning madly, phoned poised.

“Yes!” and then they asked what? So I told them, blurting out a thousand words a second.  It felt good to share this! I was bursting! Yes, they were complete strangers. Yes, one had his phone out, videoing. But I really didn’t care. It was a moment that had to be shared. And I was on my own so random strangers it was. They offered their hands in congratulations and I shook them vigorously. Human contact was soooooo good.

I then skipped away, clutching the crumpled letter.


Things I learnt from this:

  1. Londoners are friendly and ready to celebrate with you.
  2. I love speaking with/to complete strangers.
  3. I hate maths.
  4. I think I might now be good at maths.
  5. I still hate maths.
  6. There’s a video out there somewhere of a crazy, mad woman sharing her success and relief at passing the maths test.
  7. And I would love to see it!!!
  8. Not only was I stressed but my friends, colleagues and hubby were also stressed – I just hadn’t noticed.
  9. It’s been a long couple of months.
  10.  Southern Rail are rubbish and multiplied my stress levels. If it wasn’t for friends and cake, I think I would have spontaneously combusted.

Now back to some quality reading in the sun, and catching up on my writing . . . which will include reading the 50k I’ve already written as I may have forgotten most of it due to having to fill my fluffy, scatty brain with maths.

Normal service will resume. xxx

Love Lizzie







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