Whaaat?! ‘Bridget Jones’ You Say!


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I’ve caught up with my reviews for my latest release. Yes, I know I should have been all over it but there was this little pesky maths test that consumed my entire being for several weeks which I wrote about here: When you’re alone and have no one to share your news . . .    

Anyway, I caught up with them (more than one – woo-hoo!!) because my gorgeous readers have been kind enough to leave their thoughts for everyone to see. I’m over the moon which is massive understatement. They’re amazing!!!!!

Two readers have mentions the BJ word.

Of course I mean Bridget Jones!!


              What BJ word did you think I meant??”

I adore writing chick-lit. I love reading it and love watching chick-flicks; Bridget Jones up there to watch again, again and again. So to have Katie Button, my protagonist, compared to Bridget is one of the best compliments a chick-lit writer can have, I can have! Thrilled to bits. I love Bridget! I believe there’s a little bit of Bridget in all of us.





‘Movie gold’ ?? Screenshot_2017-04-05-09-44-00-1

What a compliment. As to who I would love to see play Katie and her love interest(s), I’ll leave that for another blog but would love to hear your suggestions. I’d also love to read your reviews so if you’ve read (and enjoyed) my novels, please leave a few kind words. It means the world to us authors.

Thank you, lovely readers,

Love Lizzie xxx

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