OOOOH . . .


The poster says it all and what a sale. I’ve loaded up my kindle already with some fab titles from amazing authors, and now my essay has finished and my WI presentation is done and dusted, I can hopefully get some reading done this Easter.


And some writing! Both have been seriously neglected recently but it never stops the ideas; my head is full of them, and my laptop and notebooks full of unfinished stories. After the success of my WI talk, I am now hungry to write the third instalment for Katie Button too. The ideas are percolating, the characters louder in my head. I don’t mind. I like them. Katie is a girl after my own heart; she loves drinking cocktails especially mojitos and loves chocolate brownies. Both feature heavily in my two novels.

The Adventures of Katie Button (6)

20170520_160505-1 (1)

Romance, chicklit with historical twists, quirkiness and humour.

Brimming with romance, humour and sexual tension as Katie's chaotic everyday life collides with a crazy dream world. I'd reccomm (2)

One of my favourite reviews. 


If you’re looking for that little something different, that little piece of escapism, that little bit of quirky romance, then check out the reviews on Amazon and give them a go.

Love Lizzie

Those all important links to your Amazon 🙂

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