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The easiest way to find out about me –  you can follow me where you’ll get a better picture of me than I can ever put into words. xxx


                        My Facebook Author Page   

     Another 5- review     Two stories in my head   ThursdayThreads       InstaSize_2016_2 _ 59196

                         Where I share my flash fiction, writing, news, and celebrate reviews.


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Pretty much whatever my phone captures, I post! My cat is a main feature as are my beach walks and cake! Oh and my writing gets a mention too.

         @Lizzie_Koch on Twitter

     I’m rather sporadic on Twitter. It’s all or nothing but I’m enjoying meeting new Tweeters over there. And sometimes, things like this happen . . .


             Proud to be a Cat over at Crooked Cat Publishing

                                  Screenshot_2015-06-06-19-04-43-1 (1)

Indie publishers, Crooked Cat took on my Romance/Chick-lit novel! You can enjoy The Adventures of Katie Button as an e-book on most devices.

     I’m on Goodreads

  I leave reviews for the books I’ve read, have an author page and share my blog posts.

And I bake . . .

 IMG_20150611_183300  IMG_20160214_101327 IMG_20160303_200828

        Screenshot_2016-04-20-18-29-16-1-1               Screenshot_2016-04-08-17-10-01-1


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