Horror Bites Challenge #6

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Josh raked a frustrated hand through his hair, watching Felicity shovel in a handful of chocolates. “You lose the weight, feel good then stuff your face. Will anything stop you?”

     She rolled her eyes. It was worth going the whole week without, just to taste the delectable little spheres of chocolate as they melted in her mouth, titillating her tastebuds. Closing her eyes she leant back on the sofa and let out a small moan. Josh slammed the door behind him.

    The following week, sitting on the sofa with her bag of chocolates ready, Felicity studied the coffee table. There was something different.

  Josh stood against the doorframe, eyeing Felicity. “My treat as an apology.”

   “What are these?” She pointed to the transparent spheres nestled on top of darker ones.

    He shrugged. “Came with the jar. I thought if I buried your chocolate underneath, it would take you longer and you might not eat as much. I want to help you.”

   Touched by his thoughtfulness, Felicity’s heart swelled. With gentle fingers, she began scooping out the smooth, cool beads until a few of the darker ones showed. Shiny dark orbs enticed her, cool in her mouth, then tickling her tongue. She bit down, surprised by the crunch and burst of liquid. A bitter taste filled her mouth. She spat it out, once, twice, losing count as her fingers swiped frantically at her tongue. Staring wide eyed, the contents of her mouth scurried on the carpet. The untouched spheres burst and came to life, crawling up the side of the jar, spreading across the coffee table in a black wave. On invisible threads, they abseiled down, landing on the carpet, a thick, moving blanket towards Felicity. Her mouth crawled as did her insides, from her throat to her stomach. Tears streamed down her face, black, tears that crawled into her ears, her mouth, her hair.

   “I knew I’d find a way to stop you eating chocolate,” said Josh.

   It took longer than necessary for Josh to tell Felicity that the clear beads would rid her of the spiders.  


Thanks to my buddy, Laura over at Getwordy, creator of #Horror Bites. Visit her blog for more tales of horror and creepiness, and catch up with her on Twitter.  


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